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Scope of Barista in Nepal

Scope of Barista in Nepal

Nepal has witnessed a significant rise in coffee culture in recent years, with coffee shops and outlets popping up across the country. At the heart of this rapidly growing industry is the skilled and passionate barista, a coffee artist who specializes in creating delicious espresso-based beverages and mesmerizing latte art.

In this blog, we explore the scope of becoming a barista in Nepal, the growing coffee industry, and the exciting career opportunities that await those who choose to embark on this caffeinated journey.

How to Become a Barista?

One can become Barista by taking training programs offered by different coffee-based outlets throughout Nepal. There are three levels of study for barista skills: foundation, intermediate, and professional. The price range of training varies from outlet; to whether is a national or international brand, training period, and level. The minimum price ranges from Rs.10,500 to 25,000.

Barista Training in Mid-Valley International College

At Mid-Valley International College, we offer a comprehensive and hands-on Barista Training program that sets the stage for your successful career as a coffee artisan. With our certification affiliated to the esteemed City & Guilds, UK, you can be assured of world-class training and industry recognition.

What Sets Our Barista Training Apart?

At MVIC, our Barista Training program is designed by experienced coffee experts who love sharing their knowledge with aspiring baristas. From understanding the different types of coffee beans to mastering the art of creating beautiful lattes, our curriculum covers everything you need to succeed in the coffee industry.

We believe in learning by doing, so our training takes place in a modern and well-equipped facility with the best coffee equipment and tools. Our expert instructors will guide you through each step of the coffee-making process, helping you become skilled at making delicious espresso-based drinks.

Likewise, upon completing our program, you will receive a prestigious City & Guilds certification, which is recognized internationally for its high standards. This certification not only proves your abilities but also opens up exciting career opportunities both locally and globally.

So if you are passionate about coffee and want to turn it into a rewarding career, join our Barista Training program at Mid-Valley International College. You will learn from the best and gain direct experience to become a skilled barista in the coffee world.

What are the Job Opportunities & Basic Salary of a Barista?

In Nepal, there are many fantastic job opportunities for certified baristas in the coffee industry. Skilled baristas can work in famous coffee shops or even at international outlets, which can lead to satisfying careers. When starting out as a barista with less than a year of experience, the total pay, including tips, bonuses, and overtime, might be around Rs.20,000. However, as we gain more experience and work in different outlets, salary can increase significantly.

✅ Short Course Designed for Certificate Program in Barista Skills

Latte Art Competition:

Latte art is a coffee preparation technique that involves putting micro-foam into a shot of espresso, resulting in a pattern or design on the top of the latte. One can also learn latte art and get to know in-depth about coffee and latte art. We can also compete in latte art competitions held around the country, as well as at the international level. Barista Latte Art Competition was recently held in Pokhara, with medals presented to the first, second, and third-place finishers. The top prize winner received 10,000NPR as well as a trophy. The prize money for the Latte Art World Championship is as follows: The first prize is $2500, the second prize is $1500, and the third prize is $1000.

Scope of Barista in Nepal

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