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Bachelor of Business (BBA-Finance) (Hons)


HELP University's Finance Program: Recognized by CFA Institute

  • CFA recognized HELP University’s Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) Degree Program.
  • Aligns with at least 70% of the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge.
  • Highly regarded internationally for its global recognition in Finance-related programs.
  • Possesses own finance lab.

Program Overview

Affiliated to :

HELP University, Malaysia

Course Duration :

4 year (8 semesters)

Class Timings :

7AM to 12 Noon

Paid Internships:


Pre-Requisite Tests:

Not Required

Total Credit:


The Bachelor of Business Finance (Hons) (BBA-Finance) program delves into the study of financial instruments, markets, and decision-making under uncertainty. It prepares students for diverse banking, consulting, funds management, and other finance careers.

This program combines theoretical foundations and practical applications in finance, complemented by quantitative techniques, economics, and management studies.

Recognized by the esteemed CFA Institute, our program aligns with 70% of the CFA Candidate’s Body of Knowledge, ensuring comprehensive finance principles and practices coverage.

Elevate your finance career with the highest level of global recognition through the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program, offered to investment and finance professionals internationally by the CFA Institute. Join our program to gain the expertise and credentials valued in the finance industry.


Course Structure

  • Empower students to become catalysts for innovation and success in the Finance industry through a thoughtfully designed course.
  • Introduce innovative final-year projects and internship programs, providing valuable work experience, specialized skills, and industry-specific knowledge.
  • Enhance students’ preparedness for the global marketplace and our ever-changing society by incorporating soft skills and non-credit courses into the curriculum.
  • Ensure academic rigor and industry exposure through a well-structured semester system, equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry.

Career Opportunity (Scope)

The Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) program at Mid-Valley International College paves the way for numerous career possibilities. Upon completing this program, graduates gain access to diverse sectors and roles, such as: 

  • Banking
  • Investment banking
  • Stock trading
  • Insurance
  • Corporate finance
  • Finance & accounts

Our program also provides valuable internship experiences and job placement support, helping students kickstart their careers in the finance industry. Join us to unlock a world of exciting job prospects and pave your way to success in finance.

Finance Lab


Experience the future of finance education at Mid-Valley International College (MVIC). Our state-of-the-art Finance Lab provides real-time market data, stock trading simulations, and collaboration with finance professionals. Inspired by the renowned Bloomberg Finance Lab, this immersive facility equips students with the tools and resources to shape successful careers in finance and investment. Join MVIC and unlock unparalleled opportunities in the world of finance.


  • ACC101: Financial Accounting 1
  • ECO101: Principles of Microeconomics
  • MGT101: Principles of Management
  • QBM101: Business Statistics
  • Non Credit Course | Case Study: Tally Software 101, Academic Writing 101, MS. Excel 101, SPSS 101
  • Experential Learning Programme: Financial Statement Analysis 101, Data Analytics 101
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Dressing Etiquettes, Communication Skill 101 – Goal Setting and Self Awareness
  • Development Center Activities: Intra-College Sports Competition

  • ACC103: Management Accounting 1
  • ECO102: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ITC101: Information Technology for Business
  • LAW101: Business Law
  • MKT101: Principles of Marketing
  • Non Credit Course | Case Study: Ms Excel 102, Ms. Power Point 101, Social Media Marketing 101
  • Experential Learning Programme: National Budget 101, Introduction of ERP 101, Introduction of E-Commerce 101, Setting Up A New Company 101
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Com. Skill 102 – Effective Communication & Feedback, Body Lanuguage 101
  • Development Center Activties: Inter-College Sports Competition

  • ACC203: Financial Accounting 2
  • COM200: Managerial Communication
  • ECO202: Macroeconomic Analysis
  • FIN202: Financial Management
  • MPU3432: Co-curriculum – Event Management 2
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Com. Skill 102- Presentation Skills and Digital Literacy
  • Development Center Activties: Story Yeller College Edition, Student Mentorship Programme, TedX (Simulation) @ Mid-Valley

  • FIN203: Financial Institutions, Instruments & Markets
  • FIN204: Investment Analysis & Decision Making
  • FIN205: Wealth Management
  • HRM201: Managing Human Resources
  • MGT212: Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Non Credit Course |Case Study: Valuation 101, Labour Law in Nepal 101
  • Experiential Learning Programme: Capital Market 101, Introduction to Insurance 101, Taxation in Nepal 102, Data Analytics 102
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Dining Etiquettes
  • Development Center Activties: Speakers Forum ( Similuation of Toas Masters), Mud and Music Mayhem

  • MGT203: Business Research
  • MGT204: Asian Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • FIN302: Analysis of Equity & Fixed Income Investments
  • FIN304: Global Financial Management
  • Non Credit Course | Case Study: SPSS 102, Business Model Canvas 101, Introduction to Private Equity 101
  • Experiential Learning Programme: Shadow an Entrepreneur, Valuation of Stocks Listed in Nepal
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Com. Skill 103 – Interview Skill , Com. Skill 104 – CV Preparation , Com. Skill 105 – Email etiquettes
  • Development Center Activties: Intra-College Busines Idea Pitch Competition, Intra-College Stock Analysis Competition

  • BIP300: Business Internship Programme (Elective 2)

  • FIN305: Strategic Issues in Financial Management
  • FIN306: Derivative Securities & Risk Management
  • MPU3243: Personal Branding and Career Management
  • MGT400: Graduation Project (I)
  • Non Credit Course | Case Study: SIF Regulation of Nepal
  • Experential Learning Programme: Mutual Funds in Nepal
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: CV Preparation 2.0, Interview Skill 2.0, Elevator Pitching Workshop
  • Development Center Activties: Guidance Counselling 1.0, Introduction to Tests (GMAT, IELTS)

  • FIN206: Introduction to Technical Analysis & Trading
  • FIN307: Portfolio Management
  • MPU3353: Personal Financial Planning
  • MGT400: Graduation Project (II)
  • Non Credit Course |Case Study: Technical Analysis of Stocks Listed in Nepal
  • Experiential Learning Programme: Trading in Nepal Stock Market, Portfolio Management in Nepal
  • Soft Skills & Personal Development: Art of Negotiation
  • Development Center Activties: Warrior Trading , Inter College Business Idea Pitch Competition, Inter College Speech (TedX) Competition , Guidance Conselling 2.0

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