• Best BBHM College in Nepal

Best BBHM College in Nepal

Best BHM College in Nepal

Mid Valley International College is the best BBHM college in Nepal. The hospitality industry encompasses a diversity of fields within the service industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, and others from the tourism industry. Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons BBHM isn’t just concerning convenience and food and drink benefits yet cover territories like gatherings and occasions, gaming, amusement and diversion, the travel industry administrations, and visitor data. In such a broad-based industry, career opportunities are extensive. As the hotels and hospitality industry moves progressively from expertise based to an information-based industry, higher learning has gotten progressively basic to opening vocation entryways and helping managers to be all the more completely receptive to the way of life, administrations, and serious parts of the segment We are the best BBHM College in Nepal.
Our curriculum covers studies and practical experience of BHM. In particular, after their studies which are customized explicitly to contemporary needs, our understudies can secure positions in the main companies and affiliations hospitality industry. For the most part, our graduates start with the operational position and can progress rapidly to managerial situations for a successful career.

Bachelors of Business (Hospitality Management) (Hons) – BBHM Course Structure

This is a four-year full-time Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons. degree program from HELP University, Malaysia.

  • Designed to position the students to help drive the Hospitality industry to higher Levels of Innovation and Success.
  • Delves into international hotel operations management, technological applications in hospitality management and large scale services management, as well as small business operations.
  • This Course Introduces an innovative series of final year projects and internship programs that not only offer students valuable work experience but also provide specific knowledge and specialized skills for the industry workforce.
  • With the Inclusion of Soft Skills & Non –Credit Courses, the curriculum prepares students sufficiently to succeed in the increasingly global marketplace and in our complex and ever-changing society.

Career After BBHM in Mid-Valley International College Nepal

Hospitality Management is a vibrant, challenging, and exotic career. Graduates can find employment in

  • Casino
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Event Management Companies
  • Convention Centers
  • Cruise Ship
  • Banquets

Masters Program

Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons Program at MID Valley International College in Nepal also prepares students to plan their Master’s Program. Students are given guidance counseling to help them get into Top Masters Program in the World.


BBHM (Hons) Degree in MVIC Nepal through its various centers of excellence also promote students to explore new business opportunities. The college always provides necessary help and guidance for the student who wants to start their own venture and become an entrepreneur in the field of Hospitality

Internship & Job Placement After BBHM at Mid-Valley International College Nepal

Our internship program provides college students with a guaranteed internship placement in premier hospitality companies. Mid-Valley International College offers an internship in Malaysia, India, China, Bahrain, and Japan

The purpose of these programs is to provide students with hospitality management basics, to offer the possibility of gaining international experience, to prepare them to work in a professional environment as well as to increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.

Internship & Job Placement in Japan

MVIC signed an MOU with Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation, Japan, Connect Job, and Lead X Nepal to provide free Japanese Language course, Internship & 100% Job Placement in Japan for the students of Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons. The major highlights of the program are:

  • Free Japanese Language Classes of 1200 hours will be provided by Mid-Valley Int’l College
  • Sponsor company in Japan will provide 6 months paid internship with airfare, accommodation, food, insurance, and Rs. 50,000 as stipend per month. After the internship, students get a job offer of NRS 200,000 per month in Japan.
  • Students who are selected by the Japanese sponsor company will get pre-job offers in their 3rd year of college
  • Bonus depends upon the company policy. Normally companies offer bonus twice a year

  • Credit - 4: Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Credit - 3: Principles of Management for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Credit - 4: Introduction to Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Management
  • Credit - 4: Fundamental of Food & Beverage Service
  • Credit - 4: Managerial Communication
  • Non-Credit Courses: Academic writing 101, MS Excel 101, MS Power Point 101
  • Industry Exposure: Visit different departments @ TAJ Vivanta
  • Soft Skills Training: Communication Skills 101/ Goal Setting and Self-Awareness Dressing Etiquette
  • Centre Of Excellence: Sports & Hobby – Intra College Sports Competitions
  • Credit - 4: Principles of Micro-economics
  • Credit - 4: Information Technology for Business
  • Credit - 4: Principles of Marketing
  • Credit - 4 : Room Division Management
  • Credit - 4: Bar, Beverage and Barista Management
  • Non-Credit Courses: Case Study- Marriott Acquisition of Start wood , Barista and Bar 101
  • Industry Exposure: CRM and ERP 101 @ Smart Solutions/ IDS, Hotel Marketing 101 @ Shangri-La Hotel, Room Division 101 @ Traditional Comfort
  • Soft Skills Training: Communication Skills 102/ Effective Communication and effective feedback, Body Language 101
  • Centre Of Excellence: Sports & Hobby – Inter College Sports Competitions
  • Credit - 4: Business statistics
  • Credit - 3: Organisational Behaviour for Service Industry
  • Credit - 4: Accommodation Operations Management
  • Credit - 3: Hotel Operations Management
  • Credit - 4: Introduction to Kitchen Operations & Food and Beverage Services
  • Non-Credit Courses: SPSS 101, MS Excel 102, MS Power Point 102, Case Study – OYO
  • Industry Exposure: Data Analytics 101 @ NAMI, Content Writing 101
  • Soft Skills Training: Ted X@ MID Valley, Communication Skills 103/ Email Etiquettes
  • Centre Of Excellence: Story Yellers College Edition, Launch of Student Mentorship Program
  • Credit - 4: Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Credit - 3: Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Credit - 3: Hospitality Small Business Operations
  • Credit - 4: Research Methodology for Hospitality Industry
  • Credit - 4: Banqueting and Convention Management
  • Non-Credit Course: Basic Financial Modeling 101, Business Model Canvas, Case Study – Booking Engine and Trivago, Case Study – Airbnb and Trip Advisor
  • Industry Exposure: Shadow a CEO/ GM (Hospitality) Banquet Management @ Various Hotels and Banquets (40 Hours) Data Analytics 102 @ NAMI
  • Soft Skills Training: Toast Masters ( Speakers Forum), Dining Etiquettes
  • Centre Of Excellence: Sports & Hobby, Community Engagement – 50 Hours, Mud and Music Mayhem
  • Credit - 4: Business Finance
  • Credit - 4: Asian Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Credit - 4: Food and Beverage Management
  • Credit - 4: Service Management & Customer Care in Hospitality Industry
  • Credit - 2: Co-curriculum - Event Management 2
  • Graduation Project
  • Non-Credit Courses: Introduction to IDS/ Opera Hotel, Business Models 101 Revenue, Management and MIS Analysis 101
  • Industry Exposure: Shadow an Entrepreneur, Community Home stay/ Development of training and development module
  • Soft Skills Training: Communication Skill 104/ Presentation Skills and Digital Literacy
  • Centre Of Excellence: Business Modeling Intra-college Competition/ Business Idea Pitch
  • Credit - 3: Leadership and Management in Hospitality Industry
  • Credit - 4: Training & Development in Hospitality Industry
  • Credit - 4: Contemporary Issues in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Credit - 3: Personal Branding and Career Management
  • Credit - 6: Graduation Project
  • Non-Credit Courses: Disruption in Hotel Industry 101
  • Industry Exposure: Data Collection ( Interview/ Surveys) @ Different Hotels
  • Soft Skills Training: Interview Workshops, CV Preparation 101, Leadership Workshops
  • Centre Of Excellence: Guidance Counselling (Career)
  • Credit - 8: Industry Placement Practicum