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Other Internships

Hospitality Internships:

  • Offer firsthand experience in distinguished tourism destinations and related companies worldwide.
  • Provides college students with a guaranteed internship placement in premier hospitality companies.

Internship Opportunities:

  • Offered by Mid-Valley International College (MVIC) in multiple countries including Malaysia, India, China, Bahrain, Japan, and Nepal.
  • Allows students to complete the program without interrupting their main course studies.
  • Combines theoretical education with exams and practical internship programs.

1 Year Internship:

  • Offers basic knowledge of Management in the Hospitality Industry and practical skills development.
  • Internships conducted in the best hotels and companies in Malaysia, India, and China.

Internship Process:

  • College assists students in revising their resumes and scheduling interviews with hospitality houses.
  • Students need to apply and be accepted by a hotel or related company before starting the placement process.
  • College supervisors support students throughout the internship program.

Internship Benefits:

  • Provides accommodation in the hotel/hostel or staff accommodation.
  • Includes meals and a monthly salary for students during the internship.
  • Offers a letter of recommendation from the employer upon completion of the internship (upon request).

Required documents:


Scanned Copy of Passport


3 PP Size photos




Application Form


Other Required documents as applicable