• Bachelor Of Information Technology (Hons)

Bachelor Of Information Technology (Hons)

Bachelors in Information Technology (Honors) at Mid Valley Int'l College

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) degree comprises a core of Information Technology (IT) disciplines that are supported by a choice of a broad range of subjects that cover the most recent developments in IT skills, concepts, and applications (eg object-oriented analysis and design, multimedia, networking, data communications, and internet publishing).

We place a high value on equipping students with the knowledge and abilities needed to tackle the novel challenge of an IT job. Both the commercial and technical segments of the computing business are hiring professionals in computing. Employers may be found in the manufacturing, business, small business, finance, public utility, education, or welfare sectors.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Course Structure

  • The course is designed to position the students to help drive the IT Industry to higher Levels of Innovation and Success
  • Introduce an innovative series of final-year projects and internship programs that not only offer students valuable work experience but also provide specific knowledge and specialized skills for the industry workforce
  • With the Inclusion of Soft Skills & Non –Credit Courses, the curriculum prepares students sufficiently to succeed in the increasingly global marketplace and in our complex and ever-changing society
  • Semester System to ensure sufficient academic Rigor and Industry Exposure

Career Opportunities (Scope) After Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)              

 The Bachelor of Business (Information Technology) (Hons) Program @ Mid-Valley International College opens up many career opportunities for students. Students can easily pursue a career in the following Sectors & functions.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Networks and systems
  • Software development
  • Computer support
  • Data
  • Cloud computing

Masters Programme

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Program @ Mid-Valley International College also prepares students to plan their Master’s Programme. With IELTS and GMAT embedded in the program, students are given guidance counseling to help them get into the Top Masters’s Programme in the World.


Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) @ Mid-Valley International College through its various center of excellence also promote students to explore new business opportunities. The college always provides the necessary help and guidance for a student who wants to start their own venture and become an entrepreneur.



Program Overview
  • Affiliated to:  Help University, Malaysia
  • Course Duration:  4 year (8 semesters)
  • Total Credit:  
  • Class Timings:  7AM to 12 Noon
  • Paid Internships:  Available
  • Pre-Requisite Tests:  Not Required
  • Introduction to Information Technology.
  • Front-End Web Development.
  • Introduction to Database Systems.
  • Introduction to Programming.
  • Programming Fundamentals.
  • Discrete Mathematics.
  • Introduction to Operating Systems.
  • Data Communications and Networking.
  • Analytics for Decision Making.
  • Internet of Things.
  • System Architecture and Design.
  • Advanced OO Programming.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Software Engineering Principles.
  • Technopreurship & Innovation.
  • Object Oriented Programming in C++.
  • IT Project Management.
  • Computer Ethics and Cyber Security.
  • Web Programming.
  • Communication and Leadership Skills.
  • A* Gen Careers in Malaysia & Beyond.
  • Final Year Project I.
  • Web Technologies.
  • Multimedia Systems.
  • Introduction to Mobile Apps .
  • Final Year Project II.
  • Business Development Project.
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Co-Curriculum Event Management.
  • Industrial Internship.
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