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Our Partners and Associates

Our Partners and Associates

At Mid-Valley International College (MVIC), we believe in the power of collaboration. Through our strong alliances with renowned institutions, industry leaders, and professional organizations, we create an exceptional learning experience for our students.

These strategic partnerships ensure that our programs are innovative, industry-aligned, and provide invaluable real-world opportunities. We also foster global engagement through international collaborations, expanding our students’ perspectives and enriching their cross-cultural experiences. 

Our partners and associates play a central role in shaping the future of our students. Together, we empower them to unlock their potential and achieve remarkable success.

Our University Partner

Your Gateway to an International Degree in Nepal


With a legacy since 1986, HELP University stands out as a leading institution in Malaysia, providing a diverse range of sought-after undergraduate and postgraduate programs. MVIC and it’s affiliation with Help University students to experience the renowned quality of education and industry-relevant curriculum of HELP University, empowering them to compete globally and thrive in their chosen fields.

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dear Students,

HELP University proudly collaborates with Mid-Valley International College, and proudly presents a diverse range of impactful programs, each a stepping stone towards shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Within our portfolio, the BBA-Finance, BIT, and BHM programs collectively embody our commitment to educational excellence. These offerings are strategically designed to nurture versatile professionals, poised to excel in the ever-changing landscapes of various industries.

Our BBA-Finance, BIT, and BHM programs represent more than just educational paths; they are symbols of our dedication to producing adaptable graduates who are well-prepared to thrive in dynamic sectors. Emphasizing practical, real-world application and underpinned by our unwavering dedication to cultivating skills that transcend industry boundaries, our programs provide students with the knowledge and expertise required to flourish within the continuously evolving realms of finance and technology.

Given that finance and technology are driving forces behind billion-dollar enterprises, our programs empower our graduates with the tools necessary to navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and make meaningful contributions to shaping the future of these vital domains. Guided by the core principles of excellence, innovation, and integrity, we are committed to guiding our students toward success, ensuring they are equipped to lead and innovate with a strong ethical foundation.


Prof. Datuk Dr. Paul Chan

Vice Chancellor, HELP University

Message from the Vice President

Dear Students,

I would like to welcome all the students of Mid-Valley International College (MVIC) who have enrolled for the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management Honours) Program of HELP University. There is a tremendous scope for you once you successfully complete the four year bachelor degree program. I am sure that the environment at MVIC will help you to develop intellectually and personally with world-class instruction, innovative curriculum, and on the job training. We encourage interaction and coordination with practitioners from the hospitality sector to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. The training that you obtain under the guidance of eminent and experienced fac- ulty members will help you to perform well academically as the classes, mock interviews, group discussions, seminars and paper presentations would have honed some of the critical skills that are much needed in the 21 st century.

My best wishes to all of you.


Mr. Stephen Wu

Vice President, HELP University

Our Diploma Partner

Secret to Success: Where Your Passion Meets Unmatched Excellence


City & Guilds is a prestigious UK-based organization renowned for its vocational qualifications. As an affiliate of City & Guilds, MVIC offers a range of diploma courses in culinary, bakery, and barista skills ensuring you receive a globally recognized education in the culinary arts.

Our Approved PTE Test Center

MVIC: Your PTE Pearson Test Center

PTE Pearson

PTE Pearson, short for Pearson Test of English, is your gateway to showcase your English language abilities. PTE exams evaluate speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. They’re widely recognized by universities, employers, and immigration authorities.

Excitingly, Mid-Valley International College is now your official PTE Pearson Exam Center. As an authorized hub, we provide a comfortable and modern environment for your test. So, if you are ready to prove your English skills, we are here to help!

Our Partners Institutions

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