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Message From The Chairperson

Welcome to Mid-Valley Int'l College!

Nepal's reputation for hospitality, along with the growing IT and Finance sectors, has attracted significant interest from international investors seeking opportunities in the country's vast potential. Recognizing the demand in these booming industries, Mid-Valley International College (MVIC) stands as a distinguished institution in Nepal, offering an array of courses in Hospitality Management, IT, and Finance. Read More

Our core objective revolves around equipping our students with a comprehensive blend of practical and managerial skills, strategically tailored to address the pressing need for adept professionals in these sectors. We believe in not just producing graduates, but developing individuals who are fully prepared to excel in their respective fields. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our strong partnerships and collaborations with key players in the industry. This strategic alliance ensures that our graduates possess the necessary skills and exposure to seamlessly integrate into the workforce, setting them on the path to prosperous careers, and even empowering them to explore entrepreneurial endeavors. Hide


Ms. Geeta Rana

The Chairperson

Message From The Principal

Over my eleven years of service as an educator at Mid-Valley Int'l College, I find great pride in our journey, empowering students for meaningful employment and entrepreneurship. Our institution, a product of our dedication, has been instrumental in nurturing individuals who are well-prepared for meaningful contributions in the professional world. Collaborating with HELP University, Malaysia, and City & Guilds, UK, our undergraduate and Diploma programs offer a comprehensive education, combining academic excellence, non-credit courses, soft skills, and industry exposure. Esteemed partnerships with EUHOFA, PATA, SKILL LAB, NEPALI PAISA, and Fourth Valley Concierge provide abundant learning and employability opportunities.Read More

n recognition of the demands of the 21st century, we have consciously designed activities that emphasize the cultivation of skills essential for excelling in the workplace. These initiatives, a product of our own creative planning, are geared towards promoting excellence in professional settings while simultaneously developing personal growth. Our commitment to fostering these skills exemplifies our understanding of the evolving demands of the modern world. This commitment to shaping individuals with a strong moral compass is an integral part of our ethos. As an institution, we take it upon ourselves to imbue these meaningful values, shaping the minds of our students with a sense of purpose and responsibility. Our collective goal, driven by a shared sense of purpose, is to have a positive impact on society and wholeheartedly embrace change for the betterment of tomorrow. Hide


Ms. Reetal Rana

The Principal

Message From The Program Director

Welcome to the best BHM college in Nepal!

The young generation’s learning domain has changed after digitalization became popular across the globe. The domain of Practical Education has become broader and dynamic. The college is continuously upgrading its facilities to create a workforce that is able to meet local as well as global challenges in the field of management. It has adopted contemporary teaching techniques in order to achieve its goals. Read More

Our main focus is to hone the skills of students so that they can thrive, succeed and compete in today’s competitive & dynamic world. We have a team of dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff who work tirelessly for the benefit of our students. We provide students with an environment which is conducive to learning.

MVIC has an excellent academic infrastructure with an industry integrated curriculum to cater to the needs of the hospitality sector. We also have different programs non-credit programs to support students in developing “soft skills” in personal communication, teamwork, and global awareness and to embrace this unique opportunity to get an international degree in hospitality management and reflect, absorb, stretch, create, innovate, network with the corporate world of hospitality sector through our collaborative approach of learning. We urge students to take steps for a lifetime of learning and personal development, so that they can realize their full potential, attain their career goals, and make a difference in society.

I welcome all students to Mid-Vally International College. I am sure that students will feel the difference once they step into this college. Hide


Mr. Jeevan Adhikari

Program Director

Message From The Program Director, BIT IITian

As Er. Aakash Deo, Program Director at BIT IITian, I am thrilled to observe the transformative effects of digitalization on the learning landscape of the younger generation worldwide. I'm excited to chat about how things have changed for young learners all around the world due to digitalization. You see, this digital revolution has made learning way more interesting and flexible. At our college, we're always working to make things better so that our students can be ready to take on challenges in technology, both here and anywhere globally. We're all about using cool and up-to-date teaching methods to reach our goals.Read More

Our main aim is to help students get good at things so they can do well and compete in this fast and competitive world we live in. We've got an awesome team of teachers and other staff who work hard to make sure our students have the best. The place we've created is all about making learning easy.

Now, when it comes to MVIC, it's got some amazing things going on. They've got a curriculum that's all about mixing what you learn with what's happening in real industries like the digital world. And guess what? We've got extra programs too, just to help students get better at stuff like talking to people, working in teams, and knowing about the world. Plus, there's this super cool chance to get a degree in information technology that's recognized internationally. That means you get to learn and also connect with the big companies in the digital world. I encourage students to dive into a journey of learning that never stops. This way, they can be the best they can be, achieve their career dreams, and make a positive difference in the world around them.

So, a big welcome to Mid-Valley International College! I'm pretty sure once you step in here, you'll feel how special it is. Hide


Mr. Aakash Deo

Program Director, BIT IITian