• Message From Principal

Message From Principal

As an educator, I look back at eight years of service and I am happy that we have set sail on this journey to empower our students to gain meaningful employment. Some have even started their climb into entrepreneurship right after graduation. Our programs focus on hospitality operations, leadership, management and entrepreneurship for the hospitality industry.

During my discussions with hoteliers, several hoteliers rued the fact that students from Nepal lack the right managerial expertise to take their companies forward. Bearing this in mind, Mid-Valley Int’l College has launched the Bachelors program which includes not only operational and technical skills but also focuses heavily on providing the right management expertise for the hospitality industry. We are collaborating with different industry partners like EUHOFA, PATA and Fourth Valley Concierge to provide our students with opportunities to learn and grow in the hospitality field.

I strongly believe that students should have competence in soft skills such as leadership, time management, communication, collaboration and other skills that are required to help them work effectively in their workplace. We have, therefore, identified values for our college that help our students in acquiring these soft skills. We work around designing events around our six core values: Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Accountability,
Making a difference, Funtastic (combining fun and being the best version of themselves) & Compassion. We hope we can inculcate these values in our learners to really make a difference in the world.

As we move forward, we shall embrace new changes and hope to create a better tomorrow for everyone.