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Internship & Job Opportunity in Japan

The internship program at Mid-Valley International College allows you to experience remarkable changes and enhance your career, all while highlighting opportunities in Japan. Similarly, MVIC’s internship program presents a special chance for students to learn a new language, secure potential job offers, gain important work experience, and set out on a clear route to a fulfilling career in Japan.

At Mid-Valley International College, the internship program is carefully designed to offer you extraordinary adventures and priceless professional development. It’s like a journey that transforms your career prospects and opens doors to global exploration.

As you step into this exciting path towards a successful future, let’s explore the significant features that await you.



Interview Session Conducted by Mensyoku Co. Ltd


Internship & Job Placement in Japan


Collaboration between Mid-Valley International College and Mensyoku Co. Ltd

Major Highlights of the Internship Program


Free Japanese Language Class

Connect Job will provide a free Japanese language course of 1200 hours at Mid Valley International College.


Pre Job Offers

Students who are selected by the Japanese sponsor company will get tentative pre job offers in their 3rd year of college.


Internship & Job Placement In Japan

Sponsor company in Japan will provide 6 months paid internship with airfare, accommodation, food, insurance and Rs. 50,000 as stipend per month. After the internship, students get a job offer of Rs. 200,000 per month in Japan.


Bonus depending upon company policies

Bonus depends upon the company policy. Normally companies bonus twice a year.


Career Growth

The job placement program in Japan aims to emphasize on career growth, recognizing its paramount importance in today's competitive landscape. Our program is tailored to provide knowledge which is essential for long-term success.