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Extra Skill You Can Learn to Boost your Career in Hospitality Sector

Extra Skill You Can Learn to Boost your Career in Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector encompasses a wide range of professions within the service industry, including hotel, food and beverage service, event organizing, theme parks, cruise line, travel, and tourism. The hospitality sector personnel face both merits and disadvantages in the industry.It is one of the thriving industries in the world that contributes a huge percentage of the nation’s capital. The growing hospitality sector has become very competitive with the new businesses inaugurating every day. We have to provide constant quality service during the high-pressure hour to grow our business in the market.

It is unchallenging to get a job in the hospitality sector but difficult to gain promotion up to the managerial level. We can learn new skills, extra curriculum, and training to boost our career in the hospitality sector. Some of them are:

1) Communication:

Communication is very important in being part of the hospitality industry. Our verbal and non-verbal communication should be good to give our customers the utmost satisfaction.

Everything we say and do must convey a good, constructive message that improves the customer experience and allows our team to operate productively together. Listening is the most crucial aspect of communication. As a result, when communicating with visitors, you should show real warmth and interest in them. Ask questions, listen to what they say, and answer appropriately. This will result in spontaneous interactions that will give them the sense that you genuinely care about them.

We can improve our communication skills by listening, properly maintaining our body language, writing things down, and thinking before we speak. We can attend various programs and seminars that help to improve our communication skills. Improving our communication skills is a very important part of life that will also help us to boost our careers.

2) Language:

The hospitality sector is one of the most enjoyable jobs. There are new problems and its solution every day. The most important part for me is we have different types of guests from various nations every day. This leads to loss of boredom of job.
Guests from different nations mean different languages and cultures. If an individual has learned multiple languages, then he/she can have the doorway to many opportunities. In job interviews, being proficient in two or more languages provides you an advantage over monolingual candidates. Dealing with more guests leads to more experiences than our colleagues which will help a long way in our hospitality career. Employees who learn a foreign language earn more money.

We can expand our language barrier by enrolling in various language classes available online or at nearby institutes.

3) Multi-tasking:

We must accomplish two or more things at the same time and move from one activity to another in fast succession. In service, we must maintain our body language and take down guest orders; for example, one table may be ordering drinks at the start of their dinner while another table has moved on to dessert, answer their inquiries, and check another visitor’s table while returning. Whether or not we think multitasking is our strong suit, we’ll have to learn it nonetheless.

Great multitasking requires recognizing what things we need to finish and when we need to complete them. Practice is the greatest approach to improving our multitasking abilities. It will help us realize our boundaries and how to split our time properly. We can benefit by writing things down or mentally imagining the order in which we will complete tasks.

4) Adaptability:

Adaptability is the ability to adjust to changing circumstances; it is a vital skill since hospitality frequently includes coping with uncertainty.
For example, our shifts may vary frequently, and clients may have fresh demands or complaints/attitudes that we are unsure how to address. Our adaptability is intimately related to our multitasking abilities and resilience. If we strive to train, we will be able to adjust to any scenario with ease.

Mid-Valley International College in developing students’ skills. The MVIC encourages students’ development from an early age, which considerably benefits their current opportunities. Its three-year course is not only focused on academic success, but also on the college’s key values which are necessary for leadership development.

Learning and Team Work | Mid-Valley International College

Learning and Team Work

1) Compassion- positive emotion that allowed students to express their concern and willingness to assist.

2) Continuous learning- It is about learning new skills and information while also reinforcing what the student has already learned.

3) Accountability- It is the willingness to accept personal responsibility for one’s conduct.

4) Funtastic- Funtastic is the combination of the words ‘fun’ and ‘fantastic’. It means being extraordinary while not abandoning fun.

5) Teamwork- Working together (cooperating) with others to achieve a common objective is what teamwork entails. Better outcomes result from collaborative problem-solving. A firm will fail if it does not function as a team.

6) Making a difference- We tend to do something that benefits others or makes the world a better place, no matter how tiny the deed. To put it simply: we can pick up the chocolate wrapper and put it in the trash, or we can keep the wrapper within our pocket instead of littering; this will make a difference to those who are looking, and even if no one is watching, we will help clean our region.

Mukul Subedi
Mid-Valley International College
Batch 10 ‘A’

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