• Theme Lunch – BATCH 7

Theme Lunch – BATCH 7

Theme Lunch – BATCH 7
Theme Lunch – BATCH 7

A Theme Restaurant can be defined as a restaurant in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall ‘Feel’ of the restaurant. The themes given to us were ‘Football’ and ‘Newari Culture’.
Both themes were unique and required different styles of dishes. So, we presented the themes on two different dates. Guests consisted of friends and families. The ambiance matched the themes. The football-themed restaurant had pictures of football legends and artifacts connected with football. The Newari restaurant had objects used by the Newari community.
The food was pre-plated and drinks were mixed at the bartender’s. There were mocktails and carbonated drinks. We faced a lot of difficulty with the décor. Budgeting was a problem because of the uncertainty about the total number of guests. We were not sure how many guests would visit our restaurant. We had to anticipate our income before spending on the décor and the food. Management of resources was challenging.
In the end both the events were successful in their own right. We received plenty of positive reviews from our guests. These were important events for us because we got an opportunity to put into action the different skills which had been taught. There was a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. We obtained a lot of practical experience from the events.

Jigmay Singhay Lama
Batch -7