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Crash Course On Accountancy

Crash Course On Accountancy

Accountancy Crash Course

Mid-Valley International College in association with ACIE Learning Center brings to all our students giving their 12 examinations an amazing opportunity to become a part of the exclusive Accountancy Tuition Series for free.

Accountancy Tuition Series will be a four-day event from 10th November to 13th November 2020 every day from 1 to 2 pm where our Accountancy expert teacher will guide you with the new exam format and important exam questions that will come in your upcoming12 examinations.

πŸ“… Day 1: Final Account of a Company (10th November)
πŸ“… Day 2: Cost Sheet / Tender Sheet (11th November)
πŸ“… Day 3: Cash Flow Statement (12th November)
πŸ“… Day 4: Question Set Preparation- Accounting (13th November)

The session is completely free of cost and if by any chance you were not able to attend the session, please visit our Facebook page at the same date and time where we will also go live.

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Recorded Session

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4