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Best 6 Career Options for Hotel Management Students in Nepal

Best 6 Career Options for Hotel Management Students in Nepal

Hotel Management Degree educates and trains students on in-depth hotel operation. In Nepal, education in the hotel management begins at the higher secondary level. Science, Management, and Humanities are the three programs available after secondary level (SEE) in Nepal. Hotel Management in +2 is within the management branch of hospitality management. In this degree, students must also pass practical exams in courses, including food production, front office, food and beverage service, and housekeeping. Students must complete a few months of industrial training as part of the BHM in Nepal program.

What are my 6 career options after my Hotel Management Degree?

Hotel Management has a broad scope and is not only limited to the hotel industry.

Our career option is determined by the area of internship. If I did an internship in the kitchen then I cannot apply for a salesperson. And the most essential criterion in deciding remuneration is the amount of experience. Naturally, the more years of experience you have, the greater your salary. One can be appointed to the position of:

1. Service (F&B):

If a person thrives in the internship program, he/she can get a job in a 5-star property. The job requires greeting and seating customers, collecting guest orders, properly conveying them to the kitchen, remembering the menu, and giving recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks. In service in Nepal, they normally make roughly 25,600 NPR per month. Salaries vary from 13,300 NPR (outside star property) to 39,200 NPR (within star property). This can increase after our work experience. We can earn even more including service charges and tips. (salaryexplorer)

2. Banquet Manager:

Following our internship, we need to work for some year in banquet sector to work as banquet managers. We must thrive in our internships and maintain high grades in banquet-related subjects. Banquet managers supervise banquet hosting to ensure that clients have a positive banquet experience. Their responsibilities include working with banquet sales directors and head chefs to determine the amount of wait personnel needed, as well as arranging the layout and setup of venues. A Banquet Manager in Nepal will typically earn around 41,200 NPR per month. (salaryexplorer)

3. Event Manager:

Event planners and organizers plan and organize promotional, corporate, and social events. They’ll oversee the entire process, from planning to conducting the event and completing the post-event review. A monthly salary of 73,900 NPR is normal for an Events Manager in Nepal. Salaries vary from 39,100 NPR (the lowest) to 112,000 NPR (the highest) (highest). (salaryexplorer)

4. Cook:

After earning a Hotel Management degree, one can work as a cook. After succeeding in internship and kitchen-related studies we can apply for trainee or higher position. To become the head chef of a hotel, we require a culinary arts degree and years of job experience. The minimum salary right after the degree we can get in the kitchen is Rs.25,900.

5. Cabin Crew:

Flight attendants in the cabin carry out the directions given by pilots or co-pilots outside the cockpit. They are also in the responsibility of the safety and comfort of the passengers on a flight, and they notify them when needed. It undoubtedly offers us an advantage because we are taught in many abilities essential for the field of aviation-specifically in cabin crew; excellent grooming, pleasant and remarkable body language, professionalism, and good, positive, and developed communication skills. In Nepal, a Flight Attendant can expect to make roughly 53,800 NPR each month. Salaries vary from 28,000 NPR (the lowest) to 82,300 NPR (the highest). (salaryexplorer)

6. Travel agent/officer:

The Travel Agent is in charge of coordinating travel requests for business or pleasure, as well as providing tourism-related services and package tours on behalf of suppliers. The objective is to keep customers happy and loyal for future services. A Travel Agent in Nepal normally makes roughly 48,700 NPR per month. Salaries vary from 24,300 NPR (the lowest) to 75,500 NPR (the highest) (highest). This is the average monthly pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. (salaryexplorer).

Admission - Mid-Valley International College

Some of the most asked Questions:

1) How many years should students study to complete Hotel Management courses?

✔ In Nepal, colleges offer 4-year hotel management course. During the 4th year of study, students are sent for internship in which they learn about the basic practical aspects of hospitality business. The interns can get employment opportunity at the very hotels where they have internship training or they can apply for other hotels.

2) Can I do a diploma in hotel management after SEE?

✔ Yes, we can study diploma in hotel management after SEE. A student must receive at least a C on the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from a recognized academic institution in mathematics, English, and science.

Some colleges in Kathmandu provide these diploma programs: A La Carte Hospitality (Diploma in Global Culinary Arts), Gateway College of Professional Studies (Diploma in Hospitality Management and Diploma in Global Culinary Arts), GATE college (Diploma in Culinary Arts and Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management), IST college (FHS Diploma in Hotel Management).

3) What should we study ahead after Hotel Management?

✔ After completing graduate level education, students can pursue Masters in Hospitality Management, Masters in Tourism or MBA in Hotel Management.

Most students, on the other hand, believe that further education is the quickest way to a hotel management career. However, this is not the case. Job experience is important. People with operational experience and the appropriate skill sets are sought by hotels. Hotels will not hire you into a managerial role just because you have an MBA in Hotel Management. Mid Valley Int’l College provides best MBA in Tourism in Nepal with international Master’s Degree.

4) Which is the best book for the hotel management entrance exam?

✔ The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national entrance exam for admission to management programs by TU affiliated College throughout the country.

There are several books in market that will help prepare for CMAT entrance exam. It depends on the experiences and academic level of authors. Mid-Valley International College also runs preparation class for CMAT. The students can find a book ‘A Highly Essential Entrance Preparation Book CMAT’ by Hari Bahadur Baniya Chhettri, Sharma Milan and Bijay Ghimire, as useful one for the purpose.

5) What are my career options after my Hotel Management Degree?

✔ Hotel Management has broad scope and is not only limited to hotel industry. Our career option is determined by the area of internship. If I did internship in kitchen then I cannot apply for a salesperson. One can be appointed to the position of captain (F&B) or supervisor based on the performance during internship. If we want to go beyond hotel industry then one can achieve position of banquet manager or event manager.

Why Mid-Valley International College?

Mid-Valley International College has produced skilled and successful hoteliers, my seniors Ms. Chadani Khadka is currently Assistant HR manager at Hyatt Regency (she is youngest person to achieve this position in Nepal), Ms. Jyoti Rai General manager at Vino Bistro, Mr. Niranjan Karki founder of Fueon-Pizaa Hub and Café and many more.

The course design is not only limited to hotel industry but to other sectors like bank, cruise, banquet. We are also educated and trained to be a successful entrepreneur, starting our own business.

One advantage of joining Mid-Valley International College is that it offers students with internship placement and job opportunities in Japan in collaboration with Mensyoku Co. Ltd. We can also credit transfer to Southern Cross University, Australia with a job placement opportunity and up to 3 years post-study work visa.

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Author: Mukul Subedi Batch 10 ‘A’

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