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Youth in Leadership with Balen Shah

Youth in Leadership with Balen Shah

Center for Incubation/ Innovation & Center for Career Development at Mid-Valley International College (MVIC) recently organized a function “Youth in Leadership” with Balen Shah, an independent mayoral candidate of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, as the main speaker.

The program started with the national anthem and welcome remarks by Ms. Retal Rana, Managing Director at Mid-Valley International College (MVIC). Ms. Rana emphasized the fact that MVIC has been imparting knowledge to the students that help them prepare for leadership positions in the field of hospitality management and finance. She further explained the six values of MVIC – Compassion, Continuous Learning, Accountability, Funtastic, Collaboration, and Making a Difference – which enable students to be ideal leaders.”

Mr. Balen Shah accentuated the importance of youth leadership to change the face of the nation. Mr.Shah emphasized the much-needed generational change that youths need to embrace through new youth leadership roles that will bring newness to the country in terms of political, economic & social change. Shah, also a civil engineer and popular rapper, said that major problems were deeply rooted in the people’s mindset. He said that people’s perception of politics had been negative. “Children are brainwashed from the very beginning. When young people make some mistakes or put up bold views, the elders shut them down by saying that s/he seems to be going to a politician.” When asked about how youth have been perceiving politics as a dirty game, Mr. Shah responded that standing as an independent candidate for mayor in KMC is the first step toward changing this negative perception. He condemned that it’s been a wrong practice to sell the electoral tickets to those having fat purses.”

Shah also expressed his concerns over the Nepali youths going abroad in droves in search of better education and job despite the fact that they can explore such opportunities at home, too.

Replying to a query about the status of Nepali Hip Hop music and the politicization of the sector, Shah clarified that politics had no role in making one’s career in NepHop.“The process is simple. Yearly around 8,000 youths apply to be part of NepHop. This number is narrowed down to 600. And then only 40 of them are selected to release their songs and run musical programs,” he added. He also presented a rap song from his new album ‘Astik’. Aarabdha, one of his team members, also performed his song Samaya (time) and the election songs of Balen. Student of MVIC Mr. Nischal Khadka also performed on the occasion.

The program was successful in enlightening the students about the leadership qualities that they need to embrace. It also highlighted the problems of Nepali society, especially that of the new generation of people. We – the old and new generation – should join hands to raise awareness of bad practices and do away with them as they have negative consequences for the development, peace, and prosperity of society. The organizer presented a replica of the Mayadevi Temple as a token of love to him.


Author: Mukul Subedi Batch 10 ‘A’

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