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Bhupesh Lekhak _ MVIC

Bhupesh Lekhak

I am proud to say that my time studying at Mid Valley International College has been instrumental in shaping my successful career in the hospitality industry. The comprehensive curriculum, combined with practical training and industry exposure, provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the competitive field of sales and marketing. The dedicated faculty members and their industry expertise truly made a difference in my learning experience. Today, I am thriving in my role as a Sales Manager at a renowned luxury Hotel Shaara.

Chadani Khadka

Studying Human Resource Management subject at Mid Valley International College has been a game-changer for my career in the hotel industry. The program’s focus on HR strategies specific to hotels, combined with practical training opportunities, has equipped me with the skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic HR department of a hotel. The knowledgeable and experienced faculty members at MVIC provided me with a solid theoretical foundation and guided me through various HR practices and challenges faced by the hotel industry. The internship experience and industry collaborations offered by the college allowed me to gain firsthand exposure to hotel HR operations. Today, as a Human Resource Manager, I am grateful for the education and support I received from my college.

Deepak Rokaya

Deepak Rokaya

Bachelor of Business (BBA-Finance) (Hons)

The biggest lesson college has taught me is to be fully responsible for everything that happens to me and my career. My college has inspired me to build a career in the hospitality industry. It has helped improve my strengths, reduce weaknesses and think about what I should do today and in the future.
My college has also motivated me to become an entrepreneur. The biggest thing I learned is networking which is about connecting with people.

Currently, I am working at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu as a Guest Service Officer and I aspire to become a Housekeeping Manager in the future.

Nitesh Shrestha

I’m delighted to say that I studied in MVIC. I’d like to thank all my teachers who taught me in college. During my internship I used my knowledge of Bar, Beverage and Barista Management knowledge which I had gained from my college. I got an opportunity to work in a bar as a bartender during my internship. I also got an opportunity to learn more on kitchen operation as I got to work inside the kitchen after my regular working hours.

Saroj Parajuli

Usually, Hotel Management graduates get offers or start their careers in Food and Beverageor Housekeeping. Since my degree was a BBHM from Mid Valley Int’l College, I was able to start my career in the Finance department as we had already gone over various units of Accounts and Finance during my college days. Thus having these subjects under my repertoire has enhanced my skills where I deem myself useful in almost any department in a hospitality organization.

Finance Associate
Ramada Hotel Kathmandu

Best BHM college in Nepal

Shila Lamichhane

Mid- Valley Int’l College has made me a better person. MVIC Management College in Nepal has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover my hidden talents. Teachers are extremely caring. They are interested in students’ well-being. They make sure that every class is interesting as well as useful.  I enjoy interacting with my teachers. My teachers motivate me a lot. The relationship between the professors and students is very cordial. This has helped me to excel in my area of interest. I do not want to miss my classes. I enjoy going to college despite the heavy subjects and demanding assignments.


Prithivi B. Rana

At the moment, I am studying Bachelor of Business – Hospitality Management in Nepal. I focus more on acquiring knowledge rather than just getting good grades in certificates. I plan my activities so that I can achieve my goals. Our assignments are prepared by the professors of HELP University, Malaysia. Most of the assignments are research-oriented and challenging. To complete our assignments, we have to visit different hospitality outlets and interact with people from the hospitality industry. After studying in this college, I feel that I have honed my managerial skills, communication skills and most importantly technical skills required to succeed in the Hospitality Industry. I like the friendly atmosphere here. Our teachers are really close to the students. They are very supportive in our endeavors. What interests me most about my teachers is their method of teaching. They are also very motivating. Our classes are not overcrowded. So the teacher has more time to focus on each student. I can emphatically say that Mid Valley International College has made me a better person. It has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies. Teachers, as well as the college management, are focused on preparing us thoroughly for the industry we are going to join. They make sure that every class is fun, informative and interactive.

Nisamma Subba

Nisamma Subba

The one thing that I love the most about MVIC is that unlike other educational institutions Mid Valley prepares its students to deal with reality which is “the real face of this industry.” I could have never imagined myself starting from scratch and at the end succeeding in pulling off a stellar program, being up in the stage holding a mike and interacting publicly. Because of the trust of the faculty members and the support of the administrative staff I was able to do things which I had thought I would never be able to do.


Praveen Thapa

Congratulations! To all the supporters, volunteers and members for making ‘Sports Meet 2016’ successful and cultivating the very root of new culture in sports, in our college. Our Sports and Music Club (SMC) was formed in 2nd season of 2015 with a vision of enriching sports spirits and music within the students of our college. The college management has always supported with a great enthusiasm to our Sports and Music Club.

Shristi Shahi

Shristi Shahi

Entrepreneurship requires a positive attitude towards work. That is why MVIC organizes different kinds of training programs. The faculty at MVIC are members of the Hospitality Industry. They teach subjects in which they are highly specialized. MVIC regularly organizes workshops and seminars conducted by national and international experts. The students are given a lot of practical classes from the beginning of the course. They are always under the supervision of industry experts. When the students have acquired the necessary skills, they are sent for an internship.