Hotel and Hospitality industry in today’s era is developing into a lucrative career option. Professional Diploma in Hotel Management in Nepal help candidates to gain knowledge, skills, and outlook to handle efficiently the management and supervisory responsibilities in the hotel/hospitality sector.
The curriculum is designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a field of Hospitality industry. So, the graduates will have a well-rounded understanding the industry that will increase their employability.

Hospitality industry lies under the travel and tourism industry. It is the largest industry in term of employment which is exemplified by the fact that one out of every eight human resources is engaged in this sector. The hospitality industry is diverse and it extends around the world. It has two specific segments: one segment accommodation properties, evolved from old-fashioned wayside inns into operations such as modern hotels, motels, resorts, lodges, cruise chips and similar establishments. In addition to rooms, these establishments often provide a full range of guest services, including food, beverages, convention services, meeting hall, and recreational facilities.

The other equally important part of the industry is catering service operations which range from fast food to restaurant, café, and industrial, institutional feeding operations, airline catering and similar operations that prepare and serve food and beverages products.

Course Duration – 6 months:


  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills of basic hospitality, food service management principles.
  • Identify and analyze food and beverage products, including product identification and specifications.
  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately produce a food production plan, prepare food items, garnish, and display items for small and large volume food production.
  • Design and analyze menus for food service operations.
  • Prepare and present food in a professional manner.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of front office operation of the major types of lodging properties.
Professional Diploma in Hotel Management