• International Award in Barista Skills – 7102-53

International Award in Barista Skills – 7102-53

The International Award in Barista Skills is a comprehensive course that teaches students the skills and techniques required to make exceptional coffee. It covers topics such as coffee extraction, brewing, and milk techniques. Students gain hands-on experience through practical training and assessments and can pursue a career as a barista or coffee professional upon completion. The course also provides students with an understanding of coffee’s history, culture, and current trends, enabling them to appreciate and communicate the cultural significance of coffee both nationally and internationally.

Additional Prospectives 

Upon completing this qualification, individuals may be able to find employment as:

  • Barista
  • Coffee shop manager
  • Cafe owner
  • Coffee roaster
  • Coffee quality control specialist 


To enroll in the course, one must either be at least 16 years of age or should be SEE graduates. This requirement ensures that students have a certain level of maturity and educational foundation, allowing them to fully engage with the course material and benefit from the program.

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification focuses on the beverage sector of the hospitality industry and provides learners with specialized skills and knowledge. It is designed for first-line operatives serving coffee in various settings. The unit covers the range of products used in making beverages, equipment used, safety aspects, and the importance of taking care of products to ensure excellent results. Candidates will also learn about effective communication techniques and presenting a positive personal image. The unit can be taken as a stand-alone qualification or alongside other qualifications to increase specialist skills and knowledge.

What qualification will I get?

Certificate of International Award in Barista Skills – 7102-53 from City & Guilds, London. Certificate of completion from Mid Valley International College.

International Award in Barista in Nepal
Course Overview
  • Total Course Duration:  7 - 14 Days with Internship Assistance
  • Total Qualification Time:  
  • Internship Duration:  1 month
Skills Covered
  • •  Demonstrate product knowledge
  • •  Clean and check equipment
  • •  Display drink building techniques
  • •  Serve customers
  • •  Preparing beverages - covers coffees, chocolates, teas and smoothies