• Certificate program in Information Technology

Certificate program in Information Technology

Certificate program in Information Technology is a certificate level Information Technology Management course. The Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) is an introductory program into the information systems discipline. It focuses on techniques, tools, and methods used today in the development and use of computer-based applications. The program will be offered to non-College of Management or non-Degree seeking students. The course also provides students with the basic of a computer such as to handle, care, and its maintenance.

The certificate program is tailored to provide students with a specific focus within a broader area of study. Specialized skills and deeper understanding of the subjects are a result of participation in a certificate program. Completion of the program usually indicates that the student has successfully developed the skills needed for further work within their chosen profession.

What is a Certificate of IT? This certificate represents a higher degree of specialized training in the field of IT (Information Technology). There are many opportunities to hone specific skills with this program. For example, programs include Certification Microsoft Office Specialist, Higher Certificate in Business in Computer Application, and Certificate IV in Audiovisual Technology. The classes vary from one program to another. A focus on computer applications may lead to the study of subjects such as the creation of websites and the development of databases.

There are some significant benefits to completing this type of program. The specialized training that students receive prepares them to pursue better salaries as they move into their professions. Many programs enhance the abilities that the students have already developed.

Course Duration- 3 months


  • Describe the basic concepts of Internet.
  • Use and configure essential office applications including word processing, spreadsheets.
  • Be familiar with programming environment with C Program structure.
  • Describe the important features of the Web and Web browser software
  • Learn future technologies through acquired foundational skills and knowledge and employ them in new business environments.
  • Utilize web technologies.
Certificate program in Information Technology