• Bachelors of Business (Marketing) (Hons)

Bachelors of Business (Marketing) (Hons)

Due to intense market competition brought on by deregulation, technical advancement, and globalization, marketing knowledge is becoming more and more important for professionals in both the private and public sectors of the economy. Graduates who can add value to goods and services have an advantage over rivals in a competitive world. Students who complete this degree will have a solid foundation in business and a grasp of how marketing functions both within and across organizations.

We recognize the necessity to adapt undergraduate business education in light of the exponential rise of computer technology by including pertinent disciplines that guarantee fitness for survival in the Digital Frontier. By providing our students with useful skills and an efficient attitude, our recently created additional tracks for the marketing major, including the Digital Business track and the E-Commerce track, will fulfill this Digital Transformation.

Graduates of the program would have developed decision-making abilities and a creative problem-solving methodology. Additionally, the program fosters critical thinking and communication abilities so that graduates may successfully navigate the dynamic work environment. The curriculum incorporates the growth of practical skills and knowledge, with a strong emphasis on comprehending current ideas and the most recent research, in order to accomplish these goals.

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