Scope of Barista in Nepal

A barista is a coffee artist specializing in espresso machine-based coffee, knows a lot about coffee, and prepares, decorates, and serves beverages. A barista is also a “latte art” maestro, creating pictures in the cappuccino by pouring the milk foam atop the espresso.

Working as a barista may be both exciting and gratifying. It can also be difficult and low-paying. Many baristas consider work as a short-term profession since the salaries are insufficient to maintain a decent lifestyle, and there are sometimes few possibilities for advancement.

How to become a Barista?

One can become Barista by taking training programs offered by different coffee-based outlets throughout Nepal. There are three levels of study for barista skills: foundation, intermediate, and professional. The price range of training varies from outlet; to whether is a national or international brand, training period, and level. The minimum price ranges from Rs.10,500 to 25,000.

What is the basic salary of a Barista?

An entry-level Barista with less than a year of experience may expect to earn Rs.18,000 in total remuneration (tips, bonus, and overtime pay). The salary will increase in ratio to our work experience and it also depends on the national or international outlet we work in.

Scope of Barista in Nepal

As many organizations emerge following the coronavirus, cafés and outlets are in high demand for baristas. After finishing our barista training, we may work as entry-level baristas at an organization dedicated to coffee or outlets that serve coffee: Himalayan Java Coffee, Kathmandu Coffee, The Coffee Shop & Cake Shop, and Highland Beans Coffee.

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Latte Art Competition:

Latte art is a coffee preparation technique that involves putting micro-foam into a shot of espresso, resulting in a pattern or design on the top of the latte. One can also learn latte art and get to know in-depth about coffee and latte art. We can also compete in latte art competitions held around the country, as well as at the international level. Barista Latte Art Competition was recently held in Pokhara, with medals presented to the first, second, and third-place finishers. The top prize winner received 10,000NPR as well as a trophy. The prize money for the Latte Art World Championship is as follows: The first prize is $2500, the second prize is $1500, and the third prize is $1000.

Scope of Barista in Nepal

Mid-Valley College in Barista Training:

Mid-Valley International college help student understands coffee in both theories and practice. We have the subject “Bar, Beverage and Barista Management” where the basics of coffee are taught. recently provided barista training for Batch 10 students at The School of Coffee beans where we were taught step-by-step espresso extraction. We were taught how to make americano, single shot expresso, double shot expresso, and caffe latte. We were awarded the certification of completion of barista training by The School of Coffee Beans.

Mukul Subedi
Mid-Valley International College
Batch 10 “A”


Scope of Barista