Top 8 Things to know before joining Hospitality Sector

The term “hospitality” refers to a kind greeting and a decent reception of guests. In the hospitality sector, proper and pleasant visitor greeting with proper service and available resources is the natural course of corporate growth.

According to Bill Fischer (vice-president of the National Restaurant Association) Service stands for;

  • Spirit of employee
  • Empathy (putting yourself in the shoes of others),
  • Responsiveness,
  • Visibility
  • Inventiveness (we have to add a little bit of extras)
  • Comfort and confrontation,
  • Enthusiasm and energy

The end of the century-long Rana regime gave an enhancement to the hospitality sector in Nepal. The first hotel in Nepal was established at the end of the Rana regime and after some years duo of Tenzing Norway Sherpa (Nepal) and Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) climbed the highest peak on earth which was a booster dose for the growth.

Although the end of the Rana rule helped the hospitality business grow tremendously, the pandemic of 2019 marked a dark time worldwide. Running of all business and traveling to new places were put to a total halt to control the virus’s spread. The hospitality sector is taking its ground after the creation of vaccines for coronavirus. As people are aware of methods to prevent the spread of the virus the number of tourists is seen to be growing.

As the hospitality business is taking its ground after coronavirus knockout there are a few things we should be enlightened about before joining this sector:

  • High Earning:

As an employee in the hospitality sector, we can earn a high amount of money. The salary is determined for every job i.e. position, skills, and experience. The minimum salary a waiter earns is $98 (Rs.12,000) a month. In Nepal, the minimum salary for a household of four is Rs.24,000. Comparing this two, it is enough to earn in a month for the household. (Team, 2016)


  • Limitless opportunities:

The hospitality sector offers a wide range of career options and prospects. It is not restricted to working in hotels or restaurants only. It can extend to the cruise line and event planners. In addition, working in the hotel business allows you to operate in an environment enriched by a multicultural setting.


  • Learning Hospitality is accommodating in day-to-day work:

The skills and knowledge taught to nurture a hospitality person are fun compared to other streams. They teach us culinary where we can try out new dishes and also housekeeping which is highly valued in the industry; it is a skill that helps us in everyday work.


  • Brighten other people’s days:

One of the major perks of working in the hospitality sector is we brighten other people’s days with warm greetings and pleasant reception.

Proper hospitality helps every industry to grow much faster. For example, let us take the bank, where we have to stand in queue for hours to withdraw money, in bank one as we enter a bank we are greeted properly and staffs are friendly, now in bank two where there is no welcome and the staff is rude. People will prefer to do their business in a bank where they have good hospitality. The same goes for medical, educational, and other sectors.

Things to know before joining Hospitality Sector
Things to know before joining Hospitality Sector


Working in the hospitality sector comes with great perks. We have a pick-up and drop-off service. We have opportunities to meet with celebrities, try out new food items and also get heavy discounts on them.

Working Overseas

The hotel sector provides several chances for professionals to travel and work abroad. This is one of the major attractions for SEE pass students to join the hospitality course. Countries such as Australia, UAE, Japan, and European countries are the major destination for students. When we are working in this field, the skills we develop in college and on the job take us far.

Billionaire dollar company

Hospitality and the tourist sector as a whole are multibillion-dollar industries. We cannot say the same for all of the industries out there. As a result, understanding the possibilities of this one is critical.

As it is a billion-dollar sector, there are always employment opportunities. There is always plenty of room for people to pursue their goals in this industry. It is hard to get a decent job in other sectors, whereas, in the growing hospitality industry, new organizations such as hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, etc. are being opened rapidly.

The hotel management and hospitality industries are experiencing a surge in the number of high-paying executive roles. There are millions of new job postings. So, once we’ve obtained our degree, we’re not going to run out of career opportunities very soon.


You will make the right decision:

We should be certain that enrolling in this course is the appropriate option for our career. Since we are discussing the topics that one should know before enrolling in this course, some certainty in their decision is required. We may be confident that this vocation will offer you nothing but enormous success and fame.


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Author: Mukul Subedi Batch 10 ‘A’

Top 8 Things to know before joining Hospitality Sector