What is the Scope of Hospitality Management in Nepal?

The term ‘hospitality’ refers to “the welcoming and entertaining of guests, visitors, or strangers in a courteous and generous manner,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Warm greeting, reception, and cordiality are important aspects of the hospitality business. In the hospitality sector, the guests are provided warm reception in a pleasant atmosphere through the available facilities and resources.

In Nepali culture, guests are treated like God as expressed in the Sanskrit phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava.’ The hospitality sector embraces this way of respecting visitors as its motto. It is a very delicate sector, as there are various kinds of guests with their own preferences. We have to keep our guests happy and satisfied to run the hospitality business. Trained and experienced staff handle the guests. The education of the hospitality industry is provided from the higher secondary level in Nepal. There are three streams after secondary level (SEE) in Nepal – Science, Management, and Humanities. Hospitality Management (HM) falls under the stream of Hotel Management in +2.

Scope of Hospitality Management in Nepal
Scope of Hospitality Management in Nepal

What is the qualification to study Hospitality Management?

Every college has its own requirement to study Hospitality Management at Plus Two and Bachelor’s level. According to government rules, a student should obtain at least a 2.0 GPA and pass grade in all subjects in SEE to get admitted for HM stream at +2 level but they must get through entrance examinations and interview for this. I too went through a similar process when I applied to pursue an HM course at Golden Gate Int’l College. I had my interview with Rohit Bahadur Paudel, principal of the college. He informed me about the college’s rules & regulations and enlightened me about the scope of Hospitality Management in Nepal.

After +2, I choose to study Bachelors’s in Business and Hospitality Management (BBHM, Hons) at the Mid-Valley International College (MVIC), Kathmandu. It is the merger of BBA and BHM. This is the only college that offers a BBHM course. The requirements are similar to study Bachelor’s degree in hotel management in Nepal – an intermediate degree (+2) from a recognized university or board with a minimum of 50 percent or CGPA of 2 on a scale of 4. I attended an interview/ counseling session with Jeevan Adhikari, program director at Mid-Valley. He informed me about college rules, regulations, environment, and opportunities.

What is the Total Duration of a Hospitality Management Course in Nepal?

The duration of the Hospitality Management course for the higher secondary level is two years. Under this, the students are taught the basics of the hospitality industry such as features of the hotel industry, names of various equipment, introduction and functions of departments in the hotel, organization chart of departments, duties, and responsibility of personnel.

The duration of the Bachelors’s level (undergraduate) is of four years. It consists of eight semesters and each semester ends at six months. In the fourth year (last year of the course), students should go for an internship program in any hotel or hospitality-based industry before graduating. At Mid-Valley, the students learn in-depth about the hotel industry about the operations conducted by every department, the managerial structure of different administrations, the Research Methodology for the Hospitality Industry, event management, the organizational behavior of the service industry, and many more.

Can students get a job abroad with a Hospitality Management Degree from Nepal?

The students can get jobs abroad easily with a hospitality management degree obtained from Nepal. They can apply for hotels located in Japan, Dubai, Europe, Australia, and the USA. Some college provides programs where we can credit transfer to other universities around the globe after studying for a period of time in college in Nepal. For instance, At Mid-Valley international college, students pursuing Bachelors of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons. (BBHM) and Bachelor of Business (Finance) Hons. (BBA-Finance) can transfer their credit to the Southern Cross University of Australia in either the second year or third year. This credit transfer program will enable them to earn bachelors’ as well as master’s certificates from foreign universities which will come in handy while applying for work abroad.

As the resurgence of COVID-19 has made it difficult to apply for a job abroad, it is a wise idea to study at home, which provides education of international standards. Then, it is appropriate to work in franchise hotels in Nepal with a global network. We can then apply for transfer to different outlets abroad.

What is the Total Fee structure of this course?

The tuition fee for a 4-year HM course in Nepal ranges from Rs.700, 000 to Rs.1.2 million. This fee structure excludes the costs of uniforms, tours connected with courses, and internship programs. However, students can enjoy scholarship opportunities and waive the fees that amount to more than 1 lakhs. For instance, at Mid-Valley International College, students who want to pursue the BBHM course can get a flat 15% covid scholarship that amounts to more than Rs. 1 lakhs; HELP university Scholarship worth Rs.1,00,000; & Merit Scholarship above Rs.35,000 as well as major sports scholarships.

Why Mid-Valley International College?


Mid-Valley International College is one of the country’s best management college in Nepal that offer the best programs related to Hospitality as well as management. It is affiliated with Malaysia’s HELP University which has a five-star, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking. The QS ranking is based on the updated curriculum, employability ranking, program reliability, program competitiveness, etc.

Since 2011, it has been providing Bachelor’s Degree Programs in HM. The institution was created by a group of dedicated educators with over 15 years of experience in the field of education. They have designed unique courses to enable students to build vibrant professional careers in the hospitality sector.

With more than decade-long experiences in their respective fields, the subject lecturers have sound academic backgrounds. The management team is committed to making sure that all classes run smoothly while encouraging every student to be diligent and creative and get engaged in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Mukul Subedi

Mid-Valley International College
Batch 10 “A”


What is the Scope of Hospitality Management in Nepal