Borderland-The mystery of nature

Far away from the city a different environment; a different meaning, the dance of the trees in the music of a water and a great learning.
Getting away from the valley but without losing the hills we moved over from the river which was moving so spontaneously like a tiger walks his step while hunting a prey. Moving on, we left one river beside and kept moving crossing the hills which was full of greenery covered all with trees and birds chirping there and making a fabulous sound. Following another river, we reached  a place, where the stupendous sound of a river was echoing all around and a different fragrance of an environment was there as if it was dancing in that music created by the water. Big hills all around you and a small waterfall falling from the peak of the hill was astonishing to watch.

And a big board appears before our eyes and we thought now we have arrived. Going down the road you see such a beautiful place where small cottages were built, tents were all there having short distances between each of them. As we got out of the bus,big hills standing  like a king appear in front of your eyes like you are watching something in the mirror. Many individuals waiting for our arrival welcomed us with such  grace that we felt like we were in heaven. Putting our bags aside we went to the field to listen to what they were about to tell. After having a conversation, they told us to play a game where we figured out how much stamina we had;all were very excited and ready to give their best and an athlete was selected and it was a quick selection because all of them were full of, literally, you were getting energy from the fresh air that was blowing in a rhythm. Everyone could see in all the people’s eyes that we needed some rest as we ran like as if a tiger was chasing us. After having some rest a delicious lunch was ready for us. During lunch not a single bit of food was wasted as everybody’s stomach had lot of space. With the wonder in mind and a heart full of joy, we again went to the ground where they explained us about the task and different activities we needed to perform. All were designed in such a way that a momentum of activity also taught us lot, which are the significant thing for a day to day life, like, team work, communication, trust, what lies behind the fear, are something which I must mention.

The best thing was they managed for us an abseiling program which was immensely adventurous and full of ecstasy. Trying to dissolve ourselves in that beauty of nature and a hospitality provided by the Borderland staff and such tremendous teachings and lessons given by them we didn’t realize how fast the time was gone. It was about to be evening and cool wind traveling from so far was blowing through our face which added such an immense pleasure and which was ready to take all our tiredness with the flow of it. Feeling the fresh dewdrop of the evening we went to the dining hall where everyone was gathered there to share their personal experience and all of them looked happy. After seeing such a satisfaction in our face surprisingly, they told us that they have organized another game for us which sounded little awkward in the beginning but as we begin to play it turns out to be the thrilling game mixed with  laughter. It was a blind fold game in which we were all blind and moving in a flow. With such a passion in his head one of our teacher was snapping our picture he was so drowned in it that he lost his balance and couldn’t tackle with the gravity and fell from the steps. I still wonder, whether he actually fell down or not because we only heard a big noise, (i mean huge as he is quite heavy) as we were blindfolded that time. Whispering ourselves never mind we continued our game, and an interesting part about it was we needed to crawl through the tunnel. Imagine, you don’t know where you are going your hands are on your friends arms and everybody is in line, moving according to the command of a person who is in front of everyone leading the way , and he told you to crawl through a tunnel. We were like, Man! Are you serious? But he literally was. We went through the tunnel and it was like we were going in a war in a black hole. Giving such a joy and entertainment that game also gave us insight of an important thing in which all our life depends “trust”. Moving with the time, it was time for dinner and eating your dinner sitting near the fire with people you love all around added some taste in the food. After dinner we took a short gap just to make sure we be warm. So, everybody went to their room and came out being warm and with a smile on a face. Night fun was still left and everybody hit the floor with the company of a disco light and many friends. Everybody lost themselves in a dance. Giving rest to the dance we played guitar and sang a songs matching with the music created by guitar and an echo of a music of water. Till late night we danced and sang that we almost forgot where were we including all our tiredness. Such a harmony and a joy was moving all around that we felt timeless. Sky was shining with full of stars and a big fat moon shining just over the hill, as if, it is her crown. It was the best view.

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We concluded all the things and went to our tents for a rest to revitalize the energy so we could be more energetic tomorrow. Four friends in one tent, I think the fun itself was happy as he knew we weren’t going to miss him though we were only four packs. Except for the sound of  water everything was silent and for all of us it was a good story, good music for a sleep. As the dawn appears it also bought a wake up call for all of us as its shadow. That morning was so splendor that in a minute it made us fresh and clear, as the sky was that morning. In the very morning they gave us chance to experience free fall though it was for a second. Finishing all the activity we went for a hike to the village. It was like a hardcore gym for all of us because we roamed all around a big hill. Losing almost half of the calories we got in our system and with a tired face we returned back to the resort again. I think the food production staff of that resort knew that all of us will be hungry; like a person who have worked on the field for a whole day so to fill our appetite and to make us satisfied they had prepared such a tasteful breakfast in a heavy amount. And everybody ate in a such a way that it was their last food of life. As we finished our breakfast, we gathered in a ground and the staff of the resort distributed certificate to us. We snapped some photographs and said them good bye with a smile on our face and they too smile looking at us. Overall it was a very good experience to go there, to take part in different activities. Celebration and enjoyment have been there with us all the time and many lessons and ideas and teachings and learning opportunity was given by the borderland. It was a total body, mind and a soul experience. You have to leave the city of your comfort and move into the wilderness of initiation what you will find will be wonderful, what you will discover will be yourself. Had a great time, good experience + great company+ valuable teachings.

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