Rara an Unfazed Beauty

Rara an unfazed beauty How many times have we, criticized the fact that there hasn’t been a location worth the hype to invest in visiting whether it be for recreation or simply for the sake of it. It was no different when I was given an opportunity to participate in an excursion to Rara. Although it is unmatched beauty untouched by the modern influences obsessing the living embodiment of the raw beauty of nature it lacks the required level of quality roadway leading to it. The beauty it possesses is due to the strict regulations that are maintain by the armed forces of Nepal. Here the drawback comes in the form of the roadways and the difficulty that ensues due to the fact that it still hasn’t been invested into enough which causes the trip to be weighed depending on the pros and cons of the trip. Regardless it still becomes a top contender in the list if trips you need to make in order to witness a beauty far above the ones you can add.
I can add many facts on Rara as it requires minimum effort through a quick search to add but the experience you can achieve by having travelled there by yourself is far more compelling. If I was to add how the water of Rara does changing colors 3 times in a day sound? That too in different period of times!

The unique experience

Experiences there are unique in their own right as horse-riding is available and accepted as a more mainstream means of transport for delivering either people or goods.( It was either a mix breed between a horse and a donkey or simply another breed of horse kind it was debatable). But regardless it was very efficient and more enjoyable than simply riding a horse in the fun park in a straight line.
There was also the opportunity to purchase tickets to ride a boat in waters of Rara and this was an opportunity not to be passed upon! (The boat could hold a capacity of 11 people considering the ferrymen). With this you could witness the clear blue waters up close and how deep it was, although it was said there were fishes I wasn’t lucky enough to see one of those giant fishes.
The other cool thing was the extra touches of accommodation that was comforting to know that we could use to fully embellish the beauty before us. This created an atmosphere where the accommodation itself fully entwined with the beauty of the shore further enhancing the overall experience.
Rara by far has a beauty that rivals any other destinations in Nepal that can provide an experience termed no less than heaven and rightfully so portrays an elegance that has been preserved ever so diligently by the armed forces of Nepal. The travel is definitely worth the visit and is worth all the praise it acquires as one who visits definitely understands the waves of compliments it has in its name.

Jigmay Singhay Lama

Batch 7