A Workshop by Dr. Cheah Sin Chye

On 30th August, 2017 we had a workshop, where Dr. Cheah Sin Chye, Head of Department – Department of Business Studies, give us some important tips about writing resume/CV. It was very worth attending his class because he highlighted many useful points such as

–         Resume defines our background.

–         It’s a face of any candidate

–         Always take a good amount to prepare a CV

–         Always include important documents in CV

So on behalf of Bach 3, we are very thankful to our college & Dr. Cheah for the workshop. This workshop will be very useful for making our CV/Resume attractive. We can tailor our resume as:

·        Using our opening statement to link our experience and education to the organization and the requirements of the job.

·        Listing our most relevant key skills first.

·        Including examples of achievements that meet the advertised requirements of the job

·        Including specifically relevant key words and phrases throughout ours.

Sudesh Sharma
Batch 3